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What Our Customers Say About Us

I heard about Quality Granite from my neighbor. She was very happy with their price and timing also she told me I could get my counter top sealed for 15 years. I called the place and ordered a Blanco Romano Granite that they shipped for me from local warehouse. I had granite in my other house but they make it hold up better with that special sealer. Great job.

Mrs. Satich, Parsippany NJ

I’m very happy with Quality granite & Cabinets LLC . I have 4 and 6 years old and Ziggy did the Sile Stone for me In 2 days. Now I have working sink. They also take care of plumbing and tile work. Great Service. I’m very glad I went with them.

Maria, Wallington NJ

I was looking for the company that had a left over piece of Calacata Gold Marble for my bathroom. I called Ziggy and went to his shop to
look at the piece. He gave me unbelievable price. I know those slabs are very expensive. They came in and carry my piece to 4 foor by stairs and install it in 1.5 hours. If you work with them the only trip You have to take is when you come to find your slab. They take care of everything else.

Megan, Manhattan

I found this company online and decided to go with them after talking to owner. They invited me to the their slab yard to get a price and wow what a selection they had. Good price too. I dealt directly with the owner and 3 days later I got my Uba Tuba Green granite beautiful counter. Hes given me that Nano 15 years Sealer included in price

Gary, Dover NJ

I would just like to say that my countertops have held up extraordinarily well, better than I ever thought they would. I got them from Direct Granite Marble five years ago, and even with four young children, two cats, and a German shepherd running around the place and spilling things, they are still in pristine condition. It’s nice to know that I can go about my everyday life without having to worry about the condition of my home and the furnishings inside it.

Christa L., New Jersey

I moved from Georgia to New York last summer. I was real excited about the move, but a little sad because I was going to have to sell and leave behind the wonderful house I had just redecorated and gotten countertops installed in. Once I got settled in my New York home, I started looking for a place to get more granite countertops for the new house. I found Direct Marble Granite, and I just adore ya’ll. The countertops are great and don’t make me miss the old place so much. Ya’ll are the best!

Faith D., New York

Thanks for another great job, Ziggy! I had granite countertops installed in my basement kitchen area last year and decided to come back for seconds and get the same stone in my upstairs kitchen as well. I honestly enjoyed working with you all and I must say, the dedication, patience, and politeness of your service is extremely refreshing and appreciated. I tell all my friends about this company and my neighbor says she’s ordering soon too. Thanks again!

Sharon B., NJ

Seriously everyone, Quality Granite & Cabinets makes some great countertops. I was kind of hesitant about putting Blue Bahia in my bathrooms because it’s such a bold color, but I went through with it and am very glad I did! My girlfriend is impressed because now she thinks I’m some sort of interior design master, and I think the counters are pretty cool myself. Great job guys.

Trevor H., New Jersey

I absolutely LOVED working with Direct Marble Granite on the recent installation of granite countertops in my kitchen. They had just the color I wanted for a great price and got down to work quickly and efficiently. I didn’t think we would be able to afford new countertops because my husband’s income was recently reduced, but Direct Marble Granite made it happen inexpensively. Thanks so much!

Peggy K., NY

I checked around my town locally to try to get a ballpark price for granite countertops for an outdoor project I was doing and no one could give me any kind of price ,not even a rough idea for what I needed until I picked out a piece of granite first I just wanted some kind of idea on cost , then I found Ziggy on line look at the pics of stone in his wide variety summited the measurements with the type of edges and within minutes I received a quote the following day Ziggy personally called me asked me some questions and was even able to find me what I needed perfectly at over a thousand dollars less than his quote ! As far as his craftsmanship it is seconds to none he had my counter tops installed to perfection in 5 days he returned my phone calls within minutes ,he doubled check my order with me as he was making the tops to precision ! This man is no fly by nighter He is a master of his trade ,the nicest fellow to do business with and drove over a hundred miles to come and install the counters ! As a business owner myself I wouldn't. Hesitate to recommend him to anyone he is a man of his word ! Ziggy thanks again for a great job well done ill be calling you again.

Dave M., CT