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First off Quaity Granite LLC is a full service fabricator and installer of stock, or custom kitchen countertops granite countertops, Quartz Countertops in either residential or commercial properties. We also quote jobs for fireplaces, bathrooms, restaurants, retail storefronts, office building, spas requiring a firm installed price on top grade granite and marble stone surfaces. Our standard full install service charge is $39/sq ft including all services.

Cutting and fabrication of granite and marble slabs for all flat surface mounting in both commercial and residential countertop projects. These services also are priced to include expert installation and a 1 year guarantee on all materials and labor.

Our price quotes are based upon accurate measurements and drawings to compute the square footage and cutting requirements of the area to be covered. We use only top grade granite or marble slabs for all projects, so the standard price of $39/sq. ft. is for materials, fabrication and installation labor,delivery and sealing the finished counter top, fireplace or floor/wall tiling job. Side and wall splashes are included.

Quality Granite LLC has a complete fabrication shop for making custom residential kitchen countertops, granite countertops, quartz countertops, fireplaces, custom vanity bathroom tops curved residential counters and commercial aplication store fronts, stairs etc. , checkout and service counters from in-stock granite, quartz or marble slabs.In the shop we use CNC technology to make the job perfectly precise.

Our Kenilworth, Kearny and Edison showrooms features over 1000 of Slabs: Granite & Marble and Quartz Slabs

Our warehouse is ready to cut, install and deliver your selections on time ...every time. Our sales staff will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect granite or Quartz or Marble countertops color or stone flooring tile to match your decor theme. We specialize in *Kitchen Countertops *Bathroom Countertops *Fireplace and Bath Surrounds *Vanities *Table Tops *Custom Furniture Pieces *Commercial Projects and more. Browse this site for samples of projects that just beg for the lasting value of natural polished granite surfaces.

We have specialty edging machines to compliment our CAD/CAM cutting systems for all thickness' of granite slabs. Quality Granite does a wide variety of edge styles, but the free edges are either a half bull nose, a beveled edge, or a square edge with a 3/8 inch radius relief on the top and bottom edges. Stop by our showroom at 2334 Route 22 west Union NJ and view granite samples, sink options, tiles and kitchen/bath displays.

Get a free quotation. Just fax a dimensioned sketch to (201)399-5800 or Call 201-562-9384 and within minutes you will receive a Quote. You Could also get an instant Quote Online right on this website. You could choose your shape, stone color and get an instant online Quote. These are not the final measurements that will be used, so you don't have to worry about being exact at this time. After you place your order you will get a set of dimensioned engineering drawings.

All jobs include surface cleaning and application of a granite sealant. We can do annual surface maintenance or sell you sealant and proper cleaning agents at our storefront. All natural stone products should be initially sealed and periodically resealed. Any natural stone sealer for granite counters may be used and you'll be amazed how durable real top grade granite is to maintain with just a wet rag.

How do you guys get the smallest seam possible where two slab countertop panels meet?

Well obviously a good fit and straight cuts are key during the fabrication process. But here are a fewClick here to see some of the Granite cutting tools we use in our shop. other tricks of the trade we use. Often you'll see our techs use some large soft rubber suction cups of five or six inch diameter and some turnbuckles eight or ten inches long. Attaching one cup to each end of the turnbuckle. After they butter the edge of the seam with the epoxy, that was tinted the color of the granite stone you are using, they set them in place and squeeze them together gently. Then take the assembly of turnbuckles and suction cups and straddle the seam placing one suction cup on each side. Simply spin the turnbuckle to gently pull the two panels together. You don't want to apply too much force here or you will break the suction of the rubber cups to the granite. Wedges are also useful in achieving a tight seam by forcing the panel in the direction of the seam. Having strong hands and back are priceless! Our workers come from generations of stone cutters and are gifted with strong backs.!

Our desire to service all our customer's needs is exceeded only by our willingness to do just that. We own the problems, and therefore will do everything in our power to correct them. Our satisfied customers are our best source for new business and we appreciate them. They know a Galaxy Granite surface, that offers a level of elegance that is often imitated but never equaled, beams back at them daily. A granite countertop, fireplace, conference table, spa or vanity top is the surface by which all others are judged. Now through the master craftsmanship of the Quality and Granitre Designers tradesmen your home, restaurant, storefront or office can get custom made granite countertops at an affordable price.

Some sales related questions regarding granite surfaces:

Where do you obtain the stone?

Our stone is quarried all over the world. Most of the granite and marble blocks are shipped to Italy for cutting and polishing and then shipped to the USA east coast before being shipped to our suppliers. Quaity Granite Designers only uses suppliers who provide select grade granite. We never purchase "seconds" or go through disreputable suppliers. Mostly, we purchase from local suppliers like Reliance Granite Union Nj, Indo American Kerany Nj or Msi international Edison NJ but we have distributors as far away as New York, California and Florida.

How long does it take once we sign a contract?

Our schedule is usually 3- 5 bussines days installed. For make-overs and remodeling jobs, from the time we make templates until we return with your granite countertops, marble fireplace or stone project , is always 3 to 4 business days. For new construction, it is usually a minimum of 3 business days based upon warehouse stock of slabs.

What do you do with the leftover stone?

Quality Granite LLC only charges you for the material that is actually used. Therefore, any remaining material is the property of QGD. Because you are charged for the material in sink and cooktop cut-outs, these cut-out pieces technically belong to you....the customer. If you wish, we can deliver them along with your job materials. For an additional cost they can be re-cut and polished making them into bread boards.(one free with whole kitchen purchase). Custom and stock edging competes the desired look you are loking for on any Stone project.

How much do granite countertops cost? Try $39 per install square foot.

The least expensive granites are comparable to the more expensive composite solid surface materials. Many factors are considered when we price a prospective job as we use only premium granite:

  • price of the chosen stone, size of the slabs, the type of edging selected (many included free in price), the number of counter top holes to be cut, and other details, too. This is why we have a strong preference for meeting with you before any pricing is provided. We also make granite conference, dining room and hallway tables.
  • The stone is priced by thickness too. Most slabs are available in two thicknesses: ¾ inch and 1 ¼".